Sunday - A visit from my cousin and an afternoon of teaching. I was so tired. The weekend had caught up with me. I just about made it to 10pm.

Monday - In a bad mood. Again, very tired. Up early to catch the train and got there by lunch time. The London train seems to get busier and busier. Nearly every journey I go on now, people are standing up all the way. It's very irritating to see 4 empty 1st class coaches. I even attempted to up-grade to first class. It's £15 to up-grade at the weekend but about £100 on a weekday. So I didn't bother. An afternoon and evening of teaching. Didn't make it to 10pm that night.

Tuesday - I hate Tuesdays. The weather was awful. Constant rain. Up at the crack of dawn again to get to Flora Gardens. It was Ede(sp?) so 75% of pupils were not there. No choir again then. I had been given my own room though for the first time. No more singing in the corridor but I have to put up with a keyboard instead of the piano. It's nice not to be disturbed like before. Then I went to Hampstead for the music group. Only 3 children that day. That made life easier.

Today, I feel a bit more bright and breezy. I was contemplating going to the gym but I have nothing to wear. So I have been learning new rep in my PJ's. 'My Heart is Like a Singing Bird' by Parry. Very me. Also on the cards: Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal by Quilter, Widmung by Schumann, Tornami a Vagheggiar by Handel and Da tempeste, also Handel. Bit of a challenge there. This afternoon, teaching in White City then Imperial College. Finally dinner in Fulham.