On Saturday, I coughed my way around Portobello Market. The weather was beautiful. I found an original copy of 'Hello Young Lovers' in Oxfam for 99p which was exciting. I'm easily pleased. The streets were so busy. I get really grumpy when I'm in crowds. So we gave up and went for a lovely lunch. In the evening I avidly watched Strictly Come Dancing. Don't you just love John Sergent? I had a great day.

After a slow start on Sunday, I went swimming. I went in the sauna in an attempt to clear my chest. I can't help having a sensation of panic in those things. Then food shopping and manic cleaning. I don't know what came over me but I started weeding the drive on my hands and knees. Then I went hoovering crazy - even doing the stairs. People that know me will be very worried.

Today I made a few phone calls and replied to a few emails. Teaching this afternoon. Still coughing.