Tuesday was a bad day. I had a really grotty day at School. One thing after another went wrong and I was took the brunt of other peoples frayed nerves. Then the children at the Belsize group were really naughty. More than usual. The day ended nicely though with dinner in Wagamamas with a friend in Leicester Square. A very large ice cream sundae was had in an ice cream parlour and then we moved on for coffee. Bumped into one of my bosses and a colleague.

Wednesday was also hectic. A full day of teaching in Ladbroke Grove then Imperial College. It was pouring down and my sole came off my shoe. Great.

Today I went to the gym in the morning. Whilst in the changing rooms, I had a very bizarre experience. A random girl came up to me asked if I was a singing teacher. I asked her how she knew and she said she was psychic. Seriously. Very weird. She said that she also was a singing teacher. We got chatting but I didn't know what to make of her really. I thought I was being stalked or something.

Anyway, the afternoon brought teaching in Sloane Square. Then a new pupil in Kensington. However, when I got there, she didn't have a piano or a keyboard! I said I couldn't possibly teach without one. So I postponed it and left. Another new pupil after that. She came to my home.