Another illness this week. On Monday, on the train back to London, I got a really sore throat. I felt dreadful. I even know which child I got it from. Grrrr! Thank goodness on Monday night I got a phone call from school saying that I didn't have to go in the next day. Good timing. So I stayed under the quilt throughout the day.

On Wednesday, ELMA started up again. This time at St. Philips' on Earls Court Road. It's a beautiful church with two new studios which they rent out. It was good to see the babies again. How they'd grown! The afternoon was spent teaching at Imperial College. I had a new student today.

Thursday - teaching in Sloane Square. Then a rehearsal at RCM with my friend (a pianist). We are doing the Thelma King Award. We were deciding upon rep. We have given the Faure the heeve-ho and are keeping Thiman. We just need one more for the recording. Then we met up with another friend (a singer). Collectively, the three of us are now known as Continental. The thinking behind it is because we are all from different continents. We were scouring the library for rep. In the evening, teaching at home.