The weekend was great as I had no plans. I went to Foyles bookshop and was amazed. How did I not know about this place? I bought quite a few books and bits and bobs. Then to a favourite Turkish restaurant of ours, off  Oxford Street. I was so busy. It seems that people are not put off shopping - even in this economic down turn.

Sunday was a lazy day. The weather was dreadful.

On Monday I got the train up to Thornton. Both trains were packed.

Today it was so cold that we had some flurries of snow. I did a lot of  practicing this morning. I'm in the middle of  learning  Da Tempeste. It's a killer. My body really felt it. I was singing really well as a result. I love that aria. I'm also getting much more on top of Tornami a vagheggiar. It's coming so much easier now. I have to really work on my stamina now though. My body knows what to do but it really lets me know when it can take no more. That's a bit frustrating when I am so on top of my technique. I am tremendously pleased with how it's all going. All credit to my teacher.