Yesterday was very busy. I was up early and in the Post Office queue by 7.45am. I was there to pick up my new watch. The small watch came in a mammoth sized box. It's lovely. I was struggling so much without one.

Then I took the train from Earlsfield to Gloucester Road which was a change instead of the tube. I taught two full classes at ELMA. Next, I had four pupils back to back at Imperial. Very draining. Two of which were new. Didn't get home untill 9pm so an Indian was needed.

I woke up this morning feeling very rough after the Indian last night. I had an early start as I had to catch the train from Euston to Poulton. The train was 45mins delayed and very busy. Thank goodness for the ipod.

Thornton was cold and wet but lunch at Grandma and Grandad's soon cheered me up. Taught a new girl this afternoon. Finally, I went on a hunt for a balero to go with my dress for Saturdays concert. Non to be had in Fleetwood. The search continues tomorrow.

Doing a lot of gland prodding in a panic over my voice. There's nothing wrong with it but I'm convinced I can feel tenderness. I always have phantom throat problems before something major. No singing today, just in case.