A dry day today with some sunshine. I had a rare sleep in this morning. Did the ritual Friday morning trip to Morrrisons with mum and grandma and had my brunch in the cafe.

The search continued for the balero. This time in Blackpool. I bought a waist belt, a pashmina, some shoes and I got an existing pair of shoes heeled. No balero. I have decided to use what I already own.

Later, I taught 3 pupils. It had been 3 weeks since I saw then last.

Then a dress rehearsal for tomorrows concert. I will be wearing some ancient shoes that my mum bought about 10 years ago. I shall be having an early night tonight in preperation.

Phantom throat has gone, due to some mind games I have played on myself. I decided to draw my attention to my hands in the pretence that I am going to play the piano tomorrow. Now I have stiff hands and no sore throat. Fine by me.