Today I had a slow start. This was mainly due to the effects of yesterdays 'Dance Fusion' class. My whole body aches but particularly the inside of my elbows. That's weird.

I continued with some work on the programme for the 'September Songs' concert on the 26th September. It's harder than it seems to get a flow of  rep so that they are somehow linked with each other. Especially when I chose the pieces, I didn't think about that at all! I was looking up dates of composers and became particularly interested in their deaths. Why and where did they die? Puccini died of throat cancer. How unfortunate. Madeleine Dring died of a cerebral heamorrhage at the age of 54. One day, Bach asked his wife, Anna Bach, to sing his work 'All Men Have to Die'. On that day he did just that. Died. Sometimes, the circumstance of the composers death is more interesting than the works themselves.

Anyway, I received a phone call from my mum telling me about the traumas of the last 24hrs in Thornton and then I ate a tin of sweetcorn.

This afternoon, I will have a saunter to Wimbledon Village. This evening, Zaf and I are going to The Olive Garden for dinner.