Monday - an early start at the gym. I have changed my usual regime for a bit of variety. Really starting to get into the gym thing.

More practicing for the September Songs concert. I have an up and down relationship with Puccini. One minute it is on the programme, the next I never want to sing it again. I'm so hit and miss with it. That's it - it's been dropped. I think. Can't embarrass myself as the audience consists of some people that need impressing from the past and the present. Might stick in a couple of folk songs to pad it out a bit.

Later, some teaching off Gloucester Road and then in Southfields.

Today I had a very busy day. I was up at the crack of dawn because I was worried about the day ahead. Taught at Flora Gardens today. Finished off the auditions for choir and took the first choir practice off the academic year. Some good voices have emerged. Then I razzed across town to Swiss Cottage to teach a new class of 5 'musically gifted' 5 and 6 year olds. It was quite a challenge. Enjoyable though.