It's D Day. Spent most of the week avoiding germs. I was washing my hands like someone with OCD all week. My antibacterial gel was working over time. I could spot somebody sneezing or coughing at twenty paces. Everywhere I went people were telling me of their infectious ailments. Why don't they tell me these things before I see them so I can avoid them. However, life had to go on. I barely breathed on the tube but then after 30mins I started to get light headed. But the day has arrived and I'm germ free. 5 hours to go. Nothing can develope in 5 hours surely. Here's hoping.

Had a last minute rehearsal last night. It was ok. Nothing horrendous but equally nothing outstanding. Heard that a few important figures aren't coming. That puts me at ease a bit.

Yesterday I was recording a CD for ELMA of childrens songs. At 8am in the morning. I could hardly see the music with my eyes all puffed up with sleep. We did it at the RCM, London. It went smoothly and lasted for about 2 and a half hours. Then I dashed to Euston to get the train.