What a relief. The concert went really well. There were lots of friendly faces there and the atmosphere was buzzing! It was so well attended and we raised a great deal of money. £628.10 in fact. Not bad at all. The weather was beautiful and sunny - a perfect Autumn day. There were no major slip ups throughout and it was all really well received. But the best thing of all was that I was WELL!!! I didn't have a sneeze or a croak in me. All that OCD behaviour payed off.

At the end of the concert I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a balloon sent by Interflora. After reading the card I discovered that they were sent by Zaf - who couldn't be there. They were gorgeous and I was so thrilled. He is so thoughtful. I know that he really was sad that he couldn't attend. I was also presented with flowers by Charlotte and a bottle of wine from the church.

Of course Lilly, my niece, was there - for whom the concert was really for. She was so good throughout the concert. She listened to the music and drifted off now and again. She smiled when she was being prodded at by admirers and was the perfect baby!

After the concert we went for a drink with some of the people who were at the concert. So thank you to everyone that helped with the organisation and running of the concert. It was much appreciated.

Saturday was spent teaching. I was very tired and could have done with a break really. Today I have to catch up with more teaching that I missed on Friday. I also seem to have developed a sore throat. It's the type I get now and again after stressful occasions. It is sore down the right side of the throat. Doesn't hurt to sing or speak - just when I'm singing. But who cares! I have a while without singing engagements.