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View Article  Wedding photos

I received my wedding pictures the other day. They are amazing. I love them so much. They are much more flattering than anticipated. So natural and artistic. So much sobbing has occurred since.

Lots of teaching today - however some frustrating pupils and parents!

The weather is picking up. Finally some sunshine.


View Article  Lancashire

At present, I'm in Lancashire for teaching and visiting. The wedding photographs arrived from the Singleton version the other day so I spent most of today sobbing (with joy) at the sight of myself and my friends and family. They are so natural and modern - well worth the money.

This weekend I will be working on Fleetwood Music Festival material with my pupils. I have a record number in it this year. There are quite a few first timers. Sadly, the festivals are slowly dying on the Fylde Coast as there are a distinct lack of singing teachers and participation from local schools. It's such a shame. So I feel like I'm doing my bit to keep the festival movement going because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be a singer now. It's not just singing though, it's instruments and drama too. Teachers just can't be bothered to do them and the pupils aren't so enthused.

I have done lots of singing in my spare time. All is going well.

I've had some interesting meetings about the new academic term ahead. More ELMA classes and some exciting proposals on other projects

Turkish is going very well. More memory work needed though. I'm still enjoying it.

View Article  A Summer of Self Discovery

Marriage- done. All went well. Enough said.

Due to the Summer hols the teaching has dropped off a lot so more time for practicing and reflecting. Some encouraging singing in the last few weeks from very focused rehearsing. Things have really slotted into place on the voice front. Practice has become really effective and I now know exactly what I can get out of myself. A firm technique has FINALLY been established. Thank God. Consistency is prevailing.

Some hard core self promotion has gone on which has proved successful already. A concert with Kingston Chamber Orchestra for example. We are doing Barbers Knoxville:Summer of 1915 and Beethoven's Egmont. The Barber, at first glance, looked to be very difficult but I'm slowly getting to grips with it. I'm actually really enjoying learning it. The Beethoven will be fine. Definitely my bag.

I started a Turkish Course which I'm getting to grips with. The others in the class are very friendly.

Lots of new rep learning with a friend-Parry, Handel, Wolf amongst other things.

Things are on the up.