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View Article  Flute and voice combo

Back to teaching this week after the Christmas break. It was a bit of a shock. I still can't get bad into waking up early. I was also back to the gym today after a very long time. It wasn't easy! Started teaching at St Cecilia's. Hopefully the list of pupils will expand.

Had a good weekend. Met up with a friend to talk about a possible collaboration. Also had a phone call from a flute playing friend up north. Discussed future repertoire and concert ideas. We were thinking about jazz and folk ideas for a change in order to per from to a wider audience. The voice and flute combo actually works really well. It went down a treat in our last concert. They are so easy to arrange and also to improvise.


View Article  New Year

It's a New Year and the good intentions are starting again - eat less, exercise more, don't get depressed. Strangely enough, the latter is the hardest to conquer. And I have already had the January blues. So much so that I could hardly sing on Sunday. It's amazing how your emotions affect your voice and there is no disguising it. Fatigue, anxiousness, sadness - it's so obvious.

I have quite a big year coming up which on the whole is very exciting. I shall try and stay focused on the good bits.