Thoughts of late have been taken up with wedding plans. 3 weeks to go. Music, clothes, receptions etc. All of which are costing a fortune.

I have been looking at quite a bit of new rep in preporation for a few recitals in the Summer months. One at RCM, St James' Piccadilly and All Saints in Fuhlam.

At RCM I have to do some songs for voice and clarinet by Spohr. They aren't very interesting. Very repetative and dull.

Anne Marshall and I recently did a recording of Faure, Schubert and Quilter. We were so pleased with the result after quite a rushed job. I finally feel like I am getting nearer to my real voice. I can hear flashes of the future in it which fill me with optimism. We work really well together and seem to bring out the best in each other.

Lots of teaching at the moment. St Cecilia's has picked up dramatically and lots more at Imperial. Good news.