Lots of practice on Deh vieni non tardar today. Listened to a few versions. Wanted to hear what kind of cadenzas, if any, were being done at the end. Very few. Really liked Diana Damrau. There are a massive range of speeds out there as well. Wonder which one Mozart would have liked?

Read 'The Sensuous Voice' recently. Really good factual read. So straight forward with some handy teaching tips.

Been doing some research on the Arytenoid Cartilage. A new area to my knowledge.

Just completed ABRSM Examination entries for the Summer.

Waiting for a delivery of duet music. Some easy pieces for pupils for the Festivals.

Went to see 'I am Love' at HMV Curzon today. A great film in Italian. Tilda Swinton was amazing. Really enjoyed it.